Lowcountry Delights
Cookbook & Travel Guide
3rd Edition
Maxine Pinson & Malyssa Pinson

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 Featured in:
Southern Distinction  (June 2005)
Secrets of the South (May 2005)
Sandlapper (Dec. 2005)
The Best of The Best from South Carolina Cookbook (2007)
Boarding House Reach: North Carolina's Entrepreneurial Women (2007)

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Recipes from Mansfield Plantation B&B in Georgetown, SC

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Savannah, GA
Lowcountry Delights

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A One-of-a-Kind 
Cookbook/Travel Guide 

Released in December 2004,
The 3rd (and last) Edition

  over 250 recipes from
30 Favorite Historic Inns, B&Bs, and 37 Restaurants
The Lowcountry
(Beaufort, SC--Charleston, SC--Savannah, GA...
plus selected Lowcountry Barrier Isalnds)

Also includes:

tAn illustration or photograph of each contributing 
Historic Inn, B&B, and Restaurant
plus location, contact information and price range of each place

t Editors' Notes providing lots of helpful tips for specific recipes 
as well as numerous recipe variations.

t Pronunciation key for foreign terms,
plus explanations of various cooking terms.

t Low-fat/Low-carb and other Cooking Tips
from Lowcountry Delight's Food Consultant
(trained at The Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, NY)

t An "Information Page" including
recommended Web sites and toll-free numbers
for ordering hard-to-find items

t "How to Give a Traditional Lowcountry Oyster Roast"

t Section on Table Manners

t Maps of "The Lowcountry"
(with distance between cities)

t A Special Q&A Section on
"INNformation for INNgoers"
(includes photographs & Websites of 16 inns 
personally recommended  in 11 states & Canada)

t Each Historic Inn, B&B, and Restaurant
included in bookhas been personally experienced 
by one or both editors
(no inn or restaurant paid for inclusion).

t "How I Got Hooked on B&B's"
by Maxine Pinson

t "Learning to Cook"
by Malyssa Pinson

t "Moving On"
(future plans now that we have completed our final edition of cookbook)

t Human interest story about how a Mother and Daughter
(authors Maxine & Malyssa Pinson)
traveled from 
"Feisty Foes to Forever Friends"

Lowcountry Delights is NOT just another cookbook--
it is SO much more!

Specifications: 7" x 10"/perfect-binding/223 pages/
4-color, laminated cover


an ideal gift for your favorite cook and/or inn traveler!

$19.95 for Third Edition (13,000 printed November 2004)
plus shipping & handling--SOLD OUT

$19.95 for Second Edition (3,000 printed July 2003)
plus shipping & handling--SOLD OUT

$19.95 for First Edition (4,000 printed May 2002)--SOLD OUT

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